Inap Nau! A stand against violence

HUMAN rights advocates in PNG have launched a new campaign in Port Moresby.

The Inap Nau campaign aims to create safe and peaceful communities by tackling violence against women and girls. “A life free from violence is everybody’s right,” said Deedee Nipuega, Director of Kedu Seif Haus.

PNG is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman or a girl.

“Gender-based and sorcery-related violence is a critical national issue. Every single day, women and girls are beaten in their own homes by their husbands, fathers and brothers.

“But we can change this. We can choose peaceful solutions to conflict. We can say Inap Nau! to violence and fear,” said Serah Chapau, Oxfam in PNG’s Program Manager.

Inap Nau! will encourage young people to become change-makers in their local communities and to promote peaceful conflict resolution within the household and community.

The campaign will advocate for safe communities at all levels of government.

“Today, we call on all levels of government to take real action and create peaceful communities in PNG. This means committing more funding to initiatives that support the needs of women and girls and a greater commitment to implementing the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion policy,” said Ms Chapau.

“Together, we’ll be lobbying our government for change. We believe that setting up a Human Rights Commission will help to minimise the gender based and sorcery related violence issue that has been going on for too many years,” said Ms Mary Kini, Chair of the Highlands Women Human Rights Defenders Movement.

The human rights defenders are asking communities across the country to support the campaign and say Inap Nau! to violence and fear in PNG.

“Help us eliminate gender inequalities and the cultural barriers that are causing high rates of violence and injustice to women and girls in PNG.

“My dream is for every woman and girl to be empowered physically, intellectually and economically so that they can make decisions and choices in life, free from violence and intimidation,” said Ms Veronica Simogun, Director of Family for Change.

The campaign will be launched alongside a powerful new Oxfam / QUT report that presents compelling new data on gender-based and sorcery-related violence.

Inap Nau! is a campaign coalition of Oxfam in PNG, Nana Kundi Crisis Centre, Kedu Safe House, Lifeline Port Moresby, Kup Women for Peace, Madang Provincial Council of Women, St Anna Crisis Centre, Family for Change, Papua Hahine Social Action Forum, Kafe Urban Settlers Women Association, Femili PNG and Highlands Women Human Rights Defenders Movement.

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