Siko apologises

John Siko Wel, a man once regarded as dangerous because of his involvement in a number of major criminal activities in Papua New Guinea, has apologised for his actions.

The 42-year-old from Koge village in Simbu’s Sinesine Yongumulg District said he has left his criminal behavior and is now working for a living.

This is the first time Silo Wel has come out in the media to announce that he is now reformed.

John Siko Wel was born in 1976 and grew up in Simbu.

Siko Wel comes from a big family of three biological brothers and two adopted sisters.

In 1986, he left school and started engaging in criminal activities.

He was captured by police in Simbu and sent to Barawagi prison for a string of criminal activities including armed robbery.

Betweem 2005 and 2010, Siko Wel was labeled as a dangerous man in society after he teamed up with the late notorious criminal the late William Kapris and robbed a number of BSP banks in the country.

Siko Wel was involved in a number of jail breakouts too, but realised that it was only adding more jail time to his sentence.

After serving his term he was released from Barawagi Prison and is now a changed man.

Siko Wel has come out publicly to apologise for his actions in the past and hopes his story can encourage others to also change their lifestyles.

Siko Wel now resides in Port Moresby and says life has become challenging but he is happy to be working as a security guard to earn his living. Security Firm “Ranger Protection Limited” has employed him as an armed guard and the firm owner and General Manager Billy Yalu says he has no doubts at all about Siko Wel’s employment at his firm.


John Siko Wel: 71672162

Billy Yalu GM Ranger Protection: 75592449

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