Plan to alter LLG vote system


THE National Government is planning to change the local level government (LLG) election system from the presidential to Westminster system of election to vote in Ward Members and Presidents.

In the previous LLG elections, the Westminster system was used where people vote village ward councilors who then voted in LLG Presidents.

However, in the 2015 LLG elections, this was been changed to presidential election system where people elect both Ward Members and LLG Presidents.

Inte-Government Relations Minister, Kevin Isifu, confirmed with the Sunday Chronicle on Friday that the LLG election is scheduled for November next year.

He said the government is working on amending the legislation to decide on the election system to elect Ward Members and LLG Presidents.

Mr Isifu said that unlike in the 2015 LLG elections where people voted both Ward Members and LLG Presidents but for the coming LLG elections in 2018, the Ward Members will vote for presidents.

This means next year, the Westminster system of elections will be brought back for LLG elections nationwide.

He said once the Organic Law on the Provincial and Local Level Government elections is passed in Parliament, the ward members will vote for presidents.

“We have to bring back the Westminster system of electing the presidents because in the past LLG presidents have failed to work with the Ward Members to deliver public goods and services in the village ward level,” Mr Isifu said.

“When the ward members elect the presidents, they will put them on their toes.

“This is the basic reason why we want to re-introduce the bill to the parliament so that the ward members have to vote for the presidents.”


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