No pay for 3660

Ward members taken off govt payroll


THE National Government has ceased paying 3660 Ward Members throughout the country due to its cash flow problems.

According to Inter-Government Relations ministry, Ward Members, who were previously known as ward councilors, had gone without pay since this year’s National General Elections and will continue without salaries until the government finds some money.

Their pay will then be backdated to the date of their last salary before they go for LLG elections next year.

In the term of the last government, the Ward Members had enjoyed fortnightly salaries for the first time. Before that they were paid sitting allowance on monthly basis.

The Inter-Government Relation Minister, Kevin Isifu, told Sunday Chronicle on Friday that there is an issue with the LLG Ward Members’ salaries due to fiscal problems in which the government has no funds to pay them.

He said the total salary for the 3660 Ward Members per year is K4 million. The government was unable to accommodate that even in the 2017 Supplementary Budget.

“We are trying to restructure the LLG Ward Members pay system as currently they is no pay structure for them because they are elected as politicians and they cannot be on the government payroll unlike village court officials and magistrates,” Mr Isifu said.

He said despite the village court officials and magistrates are on the government payroll through the Department of Justice and Attorney General because they are appointed officers under the judiciary arm of the government as public servants but Ward Members are politicians elected by people.

“We know that the village court officials and magistrates are appointed officers under the judiciary arm of the government as they are under public servants while Ward Members who are more like politicians being elected by people.”

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