North-east to get sports funding

PHOTO CAPTION. Member for Moresby North-east and Minister for Housing and Urbanisation John Kaupa presenting K3000 to the Laloki Dusty Road volleyball tournament Chairlady Magaret Yopiyopi last weekend. Picture by: Paul Maima

SPORTING activities in the Moresby North-east electorate will receive funding from the electoral office. Local Member and Minister for Housing and Urbanisation John Kaupa said.

Kaupa was speaking to the Laloki Dusty Road community last weekend.

The volleyball competition chairlady Magaret Yopiyopi said: “The concept was to engage the youths in social activities.”

The game started during the Independence celebration and continued into its finals last weekend.

Kaupa presented K3000 to support the tournament.

“Next year and beyond we will have the Independence games competition in the North-east electorate,” he said.

“My support for this competition will continue to give opportunity for all youths and residents in this community to participate in the volleyball competition in a bigger way.”

Kaupa also mentioned that his administration will address various sporting competitions in the electorate, once the funding is available.

“Sports such as rugby league, union, soccer and other sports will be given support once we have the funding available,” he said.

Many people who turned up to witness the presentation, appreciated Kaupa presentation and said involvement of youths in social development planning is the way forward for all youths to develop positive approach to living.

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