Cricketers visit NCD villages

THE Hebou PNG Barramundis took time out this week to partake in some community cricket clinics in Hanuabada and Pari villages over the past couple of days ahead of their crucial International Cricket Council (ICC) Intercontinental Cup (ICUP) and World Cricket League Championships (WCLC) Round 6 fixtures against Scotland.

The Barramundis shared moments with the children of these two villages, playing cricket and handing out posters to villagers.

Barramundis’ captain, Assad Vala, Nosiana Pokana and Sese Bau attended the cricket session in Hanuabada, while Lega Siaka, Alei Nao and Dogodo Bau visited Pari village.

“We are taking time out with the locals, sharing moments with them as we prepare for the game against Scotland. We are making the public aware that PNG is taking on another International Team on Home Soil. And all their support is what we ask for,” said Vala in Hanuabada village.

“This is what national teams should do – pay back to the community every time. We need the crowd, their courage to raise our national flag together. We thank them for welcoming us for fun games and laughter and the motivation. Seeing their participation, we are confident because they have our back. Please support us!” said Vani Vagi Morea in Pari village.

Barramundis take on Scotland in ICUP/WCLC matches at the newly accredited One Day/T20 International Venue- Amini Park from 1-8th October, 2017.

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