K80m Koura Way opens


THE K80.23 million four-lane Koura Way from Waigani-Tokarara to Badihagwa Roundabout linking Hanuabada was opened on Thursday by Works Minister Michael Nali and NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

According to Mr Parkop, the total length of the road is 4.5km and there will be around 250 energy saving lights installed to power up the full length of road and also provide power from June Valley to Hanuabada.

The contracted completion date was October 21, 2017 but the road was completed ahead of schedule and was opened for the public to use last week.

Mr Nali said the new road development brings to K2 billion in total the amount invested by the government in NCD including all sports stadiums, the Jackson’s International Airport-Waigani Fly Over and other infrastructures.

“Another milestone achieved in our city to minimise the traffic congestion and I thank the NCD Governor and the construction company China Harbour for the excellent world class job,” he said.

“I also thank the Motu Koitabuan’s for releasing the land so we can have a great city and also to have great infrastructure.”

He passed his condolences to the relatives of the old burial sites that were removed including traditional ornaments that was found under the ground and removed out by the contractors’ inorder to build the road. He praised the Motu Koitabuan’s as the most peace loving people in PNG to accept development and change for civilization.

Mr Parkop said the road is one of the complex project that NCDC had embarked on and is fully funded under the BSP loan.

“We considered a tunnel but that was ruled out to bring in more properties to benefit out of this road. There are massive, cuts and earthworks carried out to achieve a maximum grade of 10% which is 7% less and less steeper than the Freeway at Burns Peak, Hohola,” he said.

“We are also providing easement for all services (water, sewage and Telekom) and providing crossing every 500 meter for the utility providers’ future use. We have also creating a small lookout point with adequate car park at the crest for people to recreate with families and enjoy the view. This facility will be given to landowners to generate some income out of the facilities.

“There is also a proposal to build a small flyover at the Waigani Drive-Koura Way intersection as this intersection will be expected to generate more traffic when this road opens. This is in concept stage.

“We are planning another road to link Koura Way to Sir William Skate Highway to link at the Baruni bypass. If that materialises, then the second phase of Ela Beach will be completed.”

Mr Parkop said the tender attracted eight bids ranging from K80.23 million being the lowest to K166.94 million being the highest; average bid amount was K117.30 million. Contract was awarded to China Harbour at K80.23 million.

“China Harbour has done a quality and high standard job and I thank the Vice-President of China Harbour Mr Bai Yin Zhan and his staff,” he said.

“We have partnered them in a number of road constructions and this one they have delivered before time and we couldn’t be happier.”

China Harbour Vice-President Bai Yin Zhan, Koura Way proves that China Harbour is not only willing but also capable of delivering good service to PNG infrastructure.

In 2011 China Harbour started its operations in PNG with our branch office here. Over that past six years we have partnered with the PNG government and built roads and infrastructure like the 9-Mile to Gerehu road, Hiritano Highway and 10 others more throughout PNG,” Mr Bai said.


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