Students visit parlt

Photo Caption: UPNG Social Science students with their lecturer Joyce Mark (seated in front) who visited the Parliament session last week to witness the 2017 Supplementary Budget hand down.


STUDENTS from the University of PNG and Inawaia Primary School were present at the Parliament as special guests of the Parliament to witness the government bring down the 2017 Supplementary Budget.

A total of 60 Grade 8 students from Inawaia Primary School in the Kairuku-Hiri district visited the Parliament with their teachers as part of a school excursion.

The Member for the Kairuku-Hiri electorate Peter Isoaimo was there to see them after the Parliament session to greet them and thank their teachers for bringing the students.

“They are the future leaders of this country and this excursion is very important to them. Most students around the country do not have that privilege and I am happy the teachers made their commitment to bring them over,” he said.

“For my district; health and education are my main focus areas of my district.

“I’ve spent almost 60 per cent of my last development budget to health and education including classrooms and libraries, medicines and even sports and infrastructure across my electorate.

“We haven’t quite completed what we wanted to do because many there are many more schools in my electorate.

“I am the member for one big electorate which contains two districts Kairuku and Hiri and this government funding is allocated by district and my other electorate is missing out because we only allocated 50 per cent of what we should be getting by law because the government says that they allocate funding by district and they forget that my electorate has two districts.

“In terms of service delivery it is a burden to me because I cannot give what is expected for my people.”

In Port Moresby, 60 UPNG Social Science students visited the Parliament also for the first time and were very excited to witness the handing down of the 2017 Supplementary Budget.

According to the Journalism and Public Relation (JPR) lecturer Joyce Mark who brought her students for the excursion stated that a mixture of political science, literature and JPR students who are taking up JPR as minor course or major were here to spectate and witness how the parliament procedure is.

“For most of my students it is their first time to be in the Parliament to witness how they debate on national issues affecting the country. They had to keep an eye out on how the media teams are seated at the press gallery taking notes to report on the daily newspapers and television for the country to receive, ” said Ms Mark.

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