Boroko market opens

Photo Caption: Mothers who secured spaces at the new Boroko market. The market will be open tomorrow.


MORE than 700 market space will be filled by vendors to sell fresh produce at the new Boroko Market when it opens tomorrow, says Charlie Pengi, market manager for National Capital District Commission.

“Of that lot, 500 priority cards have been issued to the Gordon market vendors because their market will be closed for the new two-storey Gordon market,” he said.

“Because our main concern of having relocation exercise is to ensure that those who are going to be displaced from Gordon market are not affected in a major way.

“So we are sticking to the plan of majority Gordon vendors relocating to Boroko.”

He said their intention for this market is to the central Boroko vendors as well as the Gordon vendors because this market was intended for them.

“The 200 spaces will be designated to Boroko vendors followed by others who wish to sell their fresh produce. So we are expected to issue that number of spaces to vendors before the opening tomorrow,” he said.

“Currently we had a bit of a problem regarding spaces for mothers. There were a lot of women involved looking for space in which some of the vendors are from the area of Gordon and most of the others are opportunist trying to make their way into the market to be genuine vendors so we had to cross check every one to give them a space to sell their produce.”

For each vendor, the fee is K2 per day, so mothers will pay K14 weekly or K28 monthly fee before selling their fresh produce at the Boroko market.

The market will have prepaid space so mothers will pay up for weekly instalments so spaces wouldn’t be filled by others to make complications for each vendor.

The vendors’ fee will not have any changes but will be there for the whole year.

“There is a need for more markets to be built in NCD so that our people can sell their fresh produce for the increasing consumers in Port Moresby.

Informal and mushroom markets are forming up everywhere around the city and we are trying as much to minimise them as much as possible.

NCDC is trying to look at developing these small markets as well for easier excess for distribution of consumers.

The new Gordon market plan which was launched by the Governor of NCD Powes Parkop is going to be two storey building constructed with in the two years as stated by the governor.

So if vendors of Gordon Market cannot find space at the Boroko Market then they can look for other venues within their community that they live in and sell their fresh produce for this 2 year period until the completion of the new Gordon market.

The Boroko market security will be managed by JEMX ‘Securing Your Safety Security Service Guards’.

East Boroko Market mothers of the which call themselves the ‘Daima Taliban Mothers’ secured more than 5 spaces at the market.

Speaking to the Sunday chronicle Betty Jope, a vendor was pleased that they now will have a secure market to sell their produce.

“We sell our produce around street market sales and had no proper space and hustle with police personal all the time and we are happy the Boroko Market managers are giving us first priority to secure our space and we are happy with the Governor Powes Parkop,” said Jope.

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