Three move cross floor

Photo Caption: Front Row Seated, Left: Secretary for the THE party, Samuel Kopamu, Okapa (Goroka) MP Saki Hacky Soloma, leader of THE party Geoffery Kama and Chimbu Governor Michael Dua.


THREE Opposition MPs from the Triumph Heritage Empowerment party crossed the floor on Wednesday this week.

Leader of THE party Geoffery Kama, Member for Karamui-Sal Nonane, Okapa MP Saki Hacky Soloma and Chimbu Governor Michael Dua moved to the government side saying they has moved in order to serve the interest of their people.

Mr Kama said: “It is all about people the peoples interest first that is why we joined the government to deliver services to the people.

“We are new leaders elected and mandated by the people. We see that if we are left with the Opposition, we cannot do much for our people.

“It’s a collective decision from everyone and that didn’t come easy. Taking into consideration all that is happening in our nation, we have decided to move as a team.

“We have consulted our people and they concur to rally behind us. We have also discussed this with the former Opposition Leader and THE party leader Don Polye and he respects our decision and we thank him for that.”

The alliance with the government is only for one genuine agenda and that is “being loyal and serving our people’s interest and not self-political interest”.

The core dilemma that sluggish the development in PNG is because of petty politics and blaming each other instead of providing solutions.

“THE party does not want to involve in playing petty politics or so called blame game rather we want to deliver services to our people without negligence. We do not want to be spectators and criticises but we want to be players in development and building a stronger nation,” Mr Kama said.

“As first time leaders we want to provide solutions and pledging our support behind O’Neil-Abel government for the 100-day economic recovery plan and the supplementary budget for 2017.”

Secretary for the THE party, Samuel Kopamu said they respect the decision of the parliamentary wing to make the move and they would like to inform their voters throughout the country that this is the best decision that they can do at this point in time.

“We would like to encourage our supporters that as a party, our policies are still there. We believe that when we are in the government, the government will incorporate some of our policies for the betterment of the country,” said Mr Kopamu.

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