Govt to build more teachers colleges


THE government through the Education Department is planning to build more teachers colleges in the country to address the teacher shortages in schools.

Education Secretary, Dr Uke Kombra revealed this at the Parliament State Function Room on Thursday during the launching of the PNG Schools’ Tracking System.

Dr Kombra said the government is fully aware of the shortages of the teachers and infrastructure in the schools.

“This government is working around the clock to build more classrooms and increase the number of teachers equivalent to the student population at any school,” he said.

He said in the urban areas there are good facilities to teach but only need teachers and their accommodation while in the rural areas, there are enough accommodation but there are shortages of proper teaching facilities.

“To increase the number of teachers in any school, we will increase the number of teachers colleges in each province where both the national and provincial governments should be responsible for the establishment of these institutions in the country,” he said.

He said legally, the teachers accommodation is not the condition of teaching in primary schools but it is the schools responsibility to provide teachers houses.

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