Family key to Hunters’ plan


TWO sets of brothers are expected play major roles in SP PNG Hunters chase for glory in the Queensland Intrust Super Cup grand final at the Suncorp Stadium at 3pm today in Brisbane.

The Albert brothers vice captain Wellington and Stanton will be leading from the front while in the halves the Boas brothers, Watson and skipper Ase, hold the reins.

The two sets of brothers have made the job much easier for coach Michael Marum throughout the season.

Marum spoke of their interconnectivity. Marum will be expecting Wellington and Stanton to set the pace for the forwards while the Boas brothers will run the lines to connect Bland Abavu in the centres and fullback Stargroth Amean to do the finishing touches.

Asked how important Watson’s partnership was in the game, Ase said: “We have been playing together long time now since club football. And I understand his game. When I am out of options, I look to him to try something…it just comes naturally.”

Despite their small size, they penetrate defence walls and create breaks for their counterparts to take it from there on. But Watson is always on hand to help his sibling to calm things down when things don’t go right.

For the Alberts, they both talk to each other before running out on the paddock just similar family home connectivity they maintain.

“As forwards we do our job and the first thing before the game is to talk to each other and know how to get connected on the field,” elder brother Wellington said.

“He is a good ball carrier and a very tough runner with his solid built. It is always good to play alongside him and that gives me the motivation to do my part in the front line with his backing,” Wellington said.

“For the Boas brothers they are good players especially Ase who is a great player. “He is a great player it have him as a captain and he leads the boys with shining leading characters in and off the field.”

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