NSO conducts pilot test

THE National Statistical Office (NSO) conducted the pilot test on demographic and health survey questionnaires last week in both urban and rural settings.

The questionnaire sheets which are colour coded for different categories of respondents are designed to capture information relating to family planning, maternal and child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, nutrition, agriculture and domestic violence.

The urban pilot test was conducted at Rainbow and Gordon census units, where 24 randomly selected households per census unit were interviewed.

For the rural testing of questionnaires two teams converged at Vanapa in Central Province. Two villages, Keiakuaku and Veikabu played host to the NSO field officers.

While all information collected by the NSO field officers remain confidential and are subject to approval by management for release, Joe Auka, NSO staff and Team Leader to Keiakuaku village, said the villagers expressed concerns that government services are not reaching them.

He said, for example, he found out that from the responses to the questionnaires, despite the literacy level being high in this particular rural setting, more awareness was needed for mothers to understand how nutrition underpins health and well-being of their families.

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