IBSU students show culture

Caption: Southern Highlands traditional group performing their dance at the Institute of Business Studies University Cultural Show on Friday. Pictures: Bae Kimali


INSTITUTE of Business Studies University at 11-Mile, Port Moresby, celebrated a cultural show on Friday with 18 cultural groups performing.

“This is the third year we are holding a cultural show since 2015,” said Luke Laurie, a First Year Diploma in Business student.

According to Laurie, there were 18 cultural groups performed due to students not preparing their cultural groups in advance.

“It is not compulsory but it is solely up to students to make an attempt then the IBSU School will be able to step in and help the groups,” said Laurie.

The Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel was present to launch the cultural show and was very pleased with the school.

“Education is the key forward and as part of now a prestigious university with housing over 2000 students in business management classes, PNG is looking forward for a brighter future,” Mr Abel said.

He visited the school facilities before leaving and was very pleased with the facilities he saw.

The Sunday Chronicle asked Laurie to describe the IBSU in one word and he said “unique”.

He elaborated that they had a mixture of PNG and Indian culture, so with all that combined, there is something different about how they learn things here, and it is surely unique.

“One of the unique opportunities is that final year students can also come back here and lecture students as well, they are part of IBSU and it is one of their privileges,” said Laurie.

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