Students learn about cancer

CAPTION: ExxonMobil & Cancer Foundation the first School Cancer Education launch with Upper Primary (7A) Student at Rearea Primary School, at Central Province smiling with Stanley Kerago (left), a senior Grade 7 teacher, PNGCF CEO Dadi Toka Jr, Nora Scheller Public & Government affairs Deputy Manager and Marilyn Wingi – LNGP Coordinator. Picture: BAE KIMALI


MORE than 200 students consisting in Grade 6 to 8 of Rearea Primary School in, Central Province, received the first Healthy Teens School Program (HTSP) workshop.

The PNG Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) was pleased to announce the first HTSP conducted at the school on Thursday.

Sponsored by ExxonMobil PNG, the HTSP was launched by PNGCF chief executive officer Dadi Toka Jr in the presence of ExxonMobil PNG Deputy Public and Government Affairs Manager Nora Scheller at the school.

“ExxonMobil PNG on behalf of PNG LNG is pleased to partner with PNGCF to drive awareness on cancer to students in schools. “ Ms Scheller said.

Mr Toka thanked ExxonMobil PNG for joining the fight against cancer and said their sponsorship will go a long way in reducing the threat of cancer through the HTSP program.

“The HTSP is about educating and empowering teenagers to make healthy lifestyle choices as a way to reduce their risk of cancer” Mr Toka said.

“The aim is to promote healthy lifestyles early; such as don’t chew betel-nut, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, eat healthy and exercise regularly.”

The HTSP workshop was conducted by PNGCF Health Educator Jacob Oburi.

The HTSP workshop concluded with a question & answer session where Mr Oburi unveiled the new giveaway packs that were given to students that participated. The new pack contained PNGCF &ExxonMobil PNG co-branded rugby ball, water bottle and a stationery pack that promote healthy lifestyles with positive messaging.

The PNGCF HTS Program, under the partnership with ExxonMobil PNG will also be rolled out in primary schools to students in grade 6 to 8 in Hanuabada, Baruni, Boera, Tatana, Porebada, Port Moresby. Hides (Tari) and Moro (Kutubi).

On Friday, the HTSP program was launched at the Papa Primary School in Central Province

The HTSP program has so far reached more than 3000 students in Milne Bay, West new Britain, Port Moresby and Morobe Province and distributed over 1000 school packs.

The partnership with ExxonMobil PNG will take the HTSP to more schools in Central Province Port Moresby, Hides and Moro.

PNGCF will also conduct community based cancer education & awareness program in conjunction with the HTSP, through the partnership with ExxonMobil PNG in the nearby Central Village for more awareness as the HTSP workshop unfolds.

Stanley Kerago, a senior Grade 7 teacher at the school stated that as a teacher he also learnt alot of healthy tips from this program and will give awareness to students to remind them of the dangers of cancer.

“I have learned a lot of things from the workshop, especially the cases relating to cancer and how to avoid the cancer by eating healthy foods,” Mr Kerago said.

Deputy Principal of the school Joseph Kolowa stated that discipline in every school is a big problem and this is one of them.

With this HTSP workshop it will surely help the students to be more mindful of cancer related health issues affecting them these days.

“This is my 11th year of teaching in this school and this is the first of its kind to receive this kind of help from the private sector.

“We are very happy to receive this workshop and we would like to thank them for creating this partnership with us so that our future generations can benefit entirely.

“This school is a model school because it is situated at the heart of the Papalealea LNG plant site,” says Kolowa.

The Rearea Primary school has over 500 students attending the school and has 14 full time teachers including the principal and vice principal.

All the teachers’ houses are built around the school area for the easy excess for them to attend call daily.

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