​Konga’s execution raises security concerns

Caption: Casket of former chairman of Border Development Authority, Fred Konga who was shot two weeks ago was brought to Sione Kami Memorial Church for a funeral service. His body was flown to is home Province Jiwaka to be laid to rest.  

THE execution style killing of late Fred Konga, as described by former NRI Director Dr Thomas Webster, is a security concern for all residents of Port Moresby.

Speaking at late Konga’s funeral service on Wednesday, Dr Webster said Mr Konga’s death was not an accident but rather a cold blooded execution by professional killers. 

He also questioned the effectiveness of the legal and police systems stating that the killers must be identified and brought to justice so that the family can find comfort.

“Have we got a legal system or a police system that is capable of finding out who these criminals are? Not only for the family but for our own security as city residents,” he said.

“We need to know if our police system can track down killers, if our legal system can identify those killers so that we don’t have another tragic death.

“If anything we are calling on the government to do something about the legal system so that we know who the killers are so that in our sorrow, we can find some sort of comfort knowing the killers are being punished. 

“As a country we will all suffer from that unless the government does something about that.

“Fred like many other public servants lives or have lived in the settlements where they understand the daily struggle of our people.

“We need to reassure our people that they are safe. I hear that every Friday the plane is filled with government leaders and senior public servants to places in Australia to their families.

“They take their families and live there. Their kids don’t attend our schools, they don’t access our healthcare services, and they don’t feel the pain we feel when trying to move around to survive.

“They don’t know. We want our leaders to live in Port Moresby and take the responsibility to improve our communities.”

He extended a call to the government to make sure Port Moresby is made safe again so that the people can move around easily. 

He described Konga as a very talented young man whose passing is a great loss to his family, the province of Jiwaka and the country.

Konga’s body was flown to his home province Jiwaka on Thursday to be laid to rest. 

Meanwhile police are still investigating the circumstances around his death and will be releasing an official statement once investigations are completed.

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