Maprik in big move forward

​Photo caption: More than 100 cattles from Lae arriving at Pagwi jetty, Sepik river bound for Maprik in March, 2016. Pic by Bradley Simon. 


MAPRIK district is leading in animal husbandry with raising of cattle, pigs and chicken into its second year.

More than 100 heads of cattles are raised at the Kwimbu farm, 200 pigs at Pachen and chicken at Bainyik. The idea is to breed and supply to families in communities in the four LLGs in the district under Maprik MP, John Simon’s economic empowerment policy.

He also created “economic zones” in the district where DSIP funds are channelled through ward councils, women, youth, cultural groups, churches, businesses, schools and health centres under his SME initiative.

Simon said it is his vision to make Maprik the meat hub of East Sepik, if not the country, based on his vision of a healthy, intelligent and prosperous Maprik by 2020.

In a media conference on Friday in Port Moresby, the former deputy Parliamnt Speaker announced his district plan 2017-2022 kowtow to the National Goals as:

Identify, develop and produce effective leadership and promote good governance at all levels;

Produce a healthy, educated and skilled communities;

Generate appropriate enabling policies, processes, and procedures to address capacity building;

Develop enabling infrastructures at LLGs;

Develop enabling financial capacities of people;

Promote cultural values and tradition customs of Maprik; and

Create a community of hardworking and performing Maprik citizens.

“There is hope and confidence that bigger and better things are happening than expected. Bold steps are being taken to achieve my vision for a healthy, intelligent and prosperous Maprik,” he said.

“I believe in setting proper project matrix and guidelinesas as the way forward. In this way public funds and other resources committed towards development objectives can be best utilized and result achieved.”

Mr Simon thanked the 70,000 Maprik people for returning him as their MP for a second term, adding that his re-election attributed to his record of service delivery in the district.

“I always maintain that its not what one gets out of Maprik but what one can give to the people of Maprik that matters,” he said.

“This year we are also looking at big impact projects in the district, namely the Hayfield Airport redevelopment, rural lock-up and National Court house, re-development of the Maprik market and the new police barracks.”

Other impact projects in Maprik under Mr Simon include redevelopment of Hayfield airport, redevelopment of Maprik rural hospital, rural lock-up, national courthouse, Bainyik university re-development, university resource centre, Maprik town market redevelopment, new police barracks, and others.

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