Marape slams Micah

FINANCE Minister James marape has called on Ben Micah to explain to the nation why he is actively trying to stop investment and job creation.

“It has been reported that Ben Micah has called on foreign investors to wait until next year’s national elections before investing in Papua New Guinea,” Mr Marape said.

“That has to be one of the most reckless statements by a Member of Parliament in the history of the nation.

“He is telling investors to wait until next year to create new jobs.

“How could any Member of Parliament be so bloody minded as to actively campaign against the creation of new jobs for our country?”

He said if anyone thought Ben Micah might be a responsible opposition leader, this has now been discredited by the sacked minister himself.

“If Ben Micah is being considered as opposition leader, people know now that he will put his personal interests ahead of those of the country.

“While Don Polye has made some reckless statements and used data that does not stand up to scrutiny, he has never told investors to stay away.

“Opposition Member Ben Micah must apologise to the nation and withdraw his ridiculous comments.”

Mr Marape said the investment climate in PNG remains positive and the economic fundamentals of the economy are sound.

“We are facing global economic headwinds with depressed commodity prices, but the market is returning to better pricing levels.

“The oil price went above fifty dollars a barrel and and is now a few dollars less, but is better than January.

“Our economy will still grow by as much as five per cent this year, after reaching nearly ten per cent last year.

“Our foreign currency issues are being resolved, our debt levels are well and truly within legal limits and inflation is stable.

“So our message to foreign investors is to not be swayed by opportunists with a political agenda.

“Now is the time to invest in Papua New Guinea and our door is always open for discussion.”

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