Lupari urges foreign policies revamp


THE Chief Secretary to Government, Ambassador Isaac Lupari, says the country needs to change and revamp its major foreign policies and programs in order to match the high standards of diplomacy and international relations set by leading world superpowers and economies.

Hei said people everywhere around the world now live in a globalised community where issues and problems affecting a single country will impact other countries as well, and therefore Papua New Guinea must adjust its foreign policies in line with major developments happening in the world today.

He said the Department of Foreign Affairs must therefore readjust its policies, visions, objectives and goals in relations to PNG’s foreign missions abroad by integrating key personnel, policies and targets from various departments, originations and entities into its foreign missions.

“Our diplomats and ambassadors in foreign missions abroad must be comprised of professionals and experts in the economics, business, forestry, science, fishery, resources, health and cultures among many other perspectives that are crucial to our development aspirations, and not just politics,” he said.

“When dealing with government officials from their host countries abroad, these professionals will inform and tell them what really affecting our countries in terms of their expertise and therefore the aid they provided to us will address these issues in line with our development agendas.

“We must have representatives from the Investment Promotion Authority, coffee, fishery, and so forth so that we will promote and market these institutions and developments abroad.”

He said year in year out the foreign affairs department always have old and recycle diplomats occupying positions in foreign missions abroad and they have not delivered any significant outcomes for PNG in terms of development perspectives.

“It is time now we send young diplomats and their families abroad so that they will quickly adjust to the systems and ways things are done abroad because the world is changing rapidly. When they return home they will bring new ideas, cultures and ways of doing things and we may learn from them and it will also impact on our country development aspirations,” Amb Lupari said.

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