Kaupa halts Duran Farm


HOUSING and Urbanisation Minister, John Kaupa, has stopped further construction work at the state-owned multi-million kina housing project at Duran Farm near Port Moresby.

Mr Kaupa ordered the stoppage on Friday after learning that the project is not following proper plans and designs.

Duran Farm situated at Eight Mile in Mr Kaupa’s Moresby North-east electorate and is the largest state-owned housing project carried out by National Housing Corporation and National Housing Estate Limited (NHEL) initiated under the O’Neill-Dion government.

Earlier this month, Mr Kaupa, abolished NHEL for selling off properties of the National Housing Corporation and mismanaging millions of kina.

He said there are about 48 houses at Duran Farm and some of them were already encroaching into road corridors, power lines, sewerage and water pipes.

“I put a stop on this project now that I will use the new Department of Urbanisation to go into proper planning of the area,” Mr Kaupa said.

“We will collaborate with NCD Planning Division, Department of Lands and Physical Planning and any other relevant stakeholders who will participate to make sure that the planning of the service life must be there,” he said.

Mr Kaupa said the contractors who built the project will know exactly where to continue the building after proper planning and designs and that will be convenient.

“We got a foreign contractor which is building more than 40 houses but then most of them are enclosed into the road access,” he said.

“That’s why I do not see any proper planning and I put a total stop to the project but it will not take long to correct after the relevant authorities assess the project.”

Mr Kaupa said all services lines are properly connected to each block before construction of the houses resumes.

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