Minister’s 100-day action plan


INTER-GOVERNMENT Relations Minister, Kevin Isifu, has urged for cooperative networking among the agents and staff of the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs to meet the department’s 100-day action plan.

The 100-day plan will enable Mr Isifu to provide updates to National Executive Council the Organic Law review on the District Development Authority (DDA), rolling out of the law reform for the next five years to empower district functions and ensure the districts and the local level governments throughout the country are functioning.

He will head a department which is responsible for the functioning of the provincial and local level governments throughout the country. The department has a vision to provide vital link and build capacity within the LLG sectors to deliver services effectively at the district and the LLG level.

“I will implement working plan and I need full cooperation from you all to achieve our set goals to achieve our 100-day plan,” Mr Isifu said.

Secretary Dickson Guina said that the department appreciates his appointment and will work with him to find alternate solutions to effect the service delivery mechanisms.

“Partnership is the only solution to delivering services,” he said. “We are ready to work with you to enforce the previous governments’ Alotau Accord.

“We have action plan for 100 days and it is under your leadership that you will provide update to NEC the organic law reviews for the DDA on how it will be implemented for the next five years.

“Roll out the organic law reforms for the next five years and if districts are performing than give them the full responsibility.”

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