Put family first: Chief Sec


PUBLIC servants are urged to put the interests of their children first when coming to work and executing their duties.

Chief Secretary Ambassador Isaac Lupari says this when addressing the board and staff of the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) during the presentation of the IPA 2015 audit report, 2015 annual report and the award of best public sector employer award presented to IPA by the PNG Human Resource Institute (PNGHRI).

He said when public servants consider their children’s education, well being and future and how best they will look after them, then they will be able to make better decisions and plans in their organizations which will help shape the development of the nation.

“Family units are very important building blocks of any nation and if we have stability in each family and households in PNG, our country will progress tremendously because each of us will make an attempt to solve our problems and care for our needs,” he said.

“I come to work because I want to do better for the future of my children, and it is only us Papua New Guineans that will change our country and not foreigners.

“We must invest in our children and train and equip them with skills and knowledge that are practical and will sustain their living in the future.”

He said public servants must come out of their comfort zones and see for themselves the real scenario that is happening everyday in the streets, settlements, villages and towns in the country.

“For us public servants we are okay because everything we need are catered for by the government but there are 99 percent of our fellow citizens who have no or limited access to essential goods and services,” he said.

“Our role are as servants is to serve them and most of the time we fail in delivering services to them because our operational costs and allowances are eating away our budget that are meant to provide and deliver services to them.”

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