New board for landowner firm

FOUR new directors were appointed earlier this week to head Maigari Limited, an umbrella landowner company for the Inland Pipeline area of the Ramu Nickel Project in Madang province.

Inland Pipeline or Maigari covers the portion of 135km slurry pipeline starting from Ramu bridge in Usino-Bundi to Tapoin Rai Coast along the Madang-Usinohighway that runs from KBK Mine to BasamukRefinery.

The appointment of the new directors came about following the expiry of a three-year term ofthe previous directors.

The four new directors are Terry Aimai (chairman) representing Naru landowners, Lemek Kuruwara (vice-chairman) representing Iguruwe landowners, Sun Bob (director) representing Usino and Liogo Tanmara (director), representing Ono landowners.

Albert Tobe, acting secretary, who was appointed to oversee the formalities and the formal appointment of the new board, explained the main reason for the appointment of the new directors was not only because of the expiry of the term of the previous directors in 2015, the Company assets had also been completely mismanaged.

He further stated that the change had to be done because of the pressure of the shareholders who are mostly rural villagers in the Inland Pipeline areas of the Ramu NiCo Project in Madang.

Furthermore Mr Tobe said there was no proper management of the books of the company and even the records are not in proper order.

He said once they get themselves organised, they would engage an auditor to see the company’s books in order that the Lanco functions properly and benefit from contracts from Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) as well as outside contracts.

Newly appointed vice chairman, Mr. Kuruwara said due to poor management of the previous directors, a contract awarded by RamuNiCo (MCC) for the maintenance of the road between Yamagi and Banubridgein Usino-Bundi electorate was withdrawn and awarded to a local from Usino named Max Bun.

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