Miner recognizes employee

Caption: Robon Lani, hard-working CA Officer at Kurumbukari Mine


A COMMUNITY Affairs officer at Ramu NiCo’s KBK Mine in Madang province was very thankful to his employer Ramu NiCo (MCC) for the employment opportunity he is currently enjoying.

Robon Lani expressed his gratitude to the management for its tireless effort is making sure the Project is still moving ahead despite so many challenges it has been through.

Robon Lani, once a simple villager from Airo village near Kawawar in Usino LLG, of Usino-Bundi district of Madang.

He was employed the Company nine years ago to work as a lands and compensation officer with the Community Affairs Department of Ramu NiCo (MCC) at its Kurumbukari Mine site.

Earlier this year Lani was amongst over twenty employees who were recognized as ‘Star Employees’ of 2016.

“To be a simple villager to an employee of Ramu NiCo is a great pleasure to me,” he said.

“It’s a great challenge to me, which I must work hard to achieve the Company’s goal at the end, and I hope it applies to every employees of Ramu NiCo, including both National and Chinese working at KBK Mine, Basamuk Refinery and Madang” he added.

Mr Lani said there are employees who serve the Project for so long and others recently; however, as one they are proud of Ramu NiCo Management in introducing such initiative they had gained as a blessing through the hard work they had put together.

“It’s an honor that rest upon us individually, and that will play a leading role and provide leadership in the line of our duty.

“The recognition is not only to benefit us but will boost our morale to work hard to create benefit for our impact community, our province and Papua New Guinea,”

“I am saluting the top management of Ramu NiCo for a strong leadership and the support you continue to produce in making sure our lives can withstand during the long dry season,

“We believe one day we will be happy when the wet season comes with heavy down pour” Lani said using a metaphor.

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