Safety warden training conducted at BSK Refinery

Caption: Practical session of roll-call at the muster point.


SAFETY reps from various processing departments at Ramu NiCo Management’s (MCC) Basamuk Refinery recently attended a one-day warden training on emergency management plan and preparedness

 The training conducted on Saturday was part of the RNML emergency management plan – preparedness and to ensure all the safety reps in all the processing departments have the basic knowledge of their roles and responsibilities as area wardens in the respective work place.

Furthermore, the training was intended to up-skill the safety reps to competently perform their roles and responsibilities as area warden during an evacuation situation.

Two safety reps from contracting companies, namely Raibus Security Services and Raibus Engineering Limited also attended the area warden training.

A planned emergency drill was also conducted on the day after the training to test their skills of the participants.

RNML Basamuk Refinery Emergency Responses Team (ERT) Superintendent, Venancius Sapak, who conducted the training, explained that the module of the training consisted of theory which covered group discussions and written assessment, followed by practical included the evacuation process and the head count at the muster point.

Sapak said since the Basamuk the Company’s major processing site it is very important to up-skill safety representatives of various departments to know better the latest information and practical innovations and must be prepared during an emergency.

“Since the Basamuk processing site is a very high risk area with very major installations it is important that safety wardens of respective site departments are well versed or better informed of RNML’s emergency plans and preparedness,” Mr. Sapak stated.

Two training participants, Paul Konare of the Basamuk Refinery infirmary and Charlie Jowia of the Warehouse Department said they enjoyed the training because it provided them better knowledge of preparedness during an emergency.

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