Ministerial changes do not affect depts: Duban


NEW Minister for Petroleum and Energy Nixon Duban has said despite any changes in ministers- department will continue to operate unhindered.

He made the comments when asked about public perceptions that may cause concern over the operation of departments during the handing over of his former ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

“The way I see it is that departments are institutions guided by their own objectives. We are critical heads- our job is to provide insight at the ministerial level,” Mr Duban said.

“Whether you have 10 ministers at one time does not change the department and so the focus of the department must be the focus of the minister.

“Only on rare occasions the minister may put an intervention because they may have already identified another opportunity that may be parallel but need to be incorporated into the department.”

He said as minister, the respect for departments as key institutions that must provide the basis for leadership and ministers must try and appreciate the core functions of the department.

“Only then we cannot allow departments to progress. If you look at the next 10 months people thinking it is going to be an election year and people preparing for election- they lost track of the future of this country which evolves beyond the five year period,” Mr Duban said.

“Five year period is a political cycle; departments do not operate on a 5 year cycle they operate much longer than that.

“As ministers we are bound by those virtues to ensure that departments must achieve things like their corporate plans like the department of transport.”

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