Call to elect bowls president


THIS is an urgent call to presidents of all bowling clubs in the country to convene and elect Bowls PNG president.

The election of the new president had lapsed last year and the care-taker is holding onto the position illegally, say members of the Murray Barracks Bowling Club (MBBC).

“We need to immediately hold a meeting and discuss the issue,” the members said.

The election of the new president had lapsed and all bowling clubs in the country wants to know when the call for the election of the new president would be.

“We have been waiting from the interim president to make the call, but there is no word from him yet.

“So the best option to take is to call on all club presidents to convene for a meeting and then we can come up with a resolution on the matter for an immediate election,” MBBC spokesman Chris Kenewi said.

He said they are supposed to have elected the new president at the Goroka Pennants last year September, “however, this never eventuated due to some pressing issues”.

Attempts to get the interim president Kevin Kautu to comment on the matter were unsuccessful yesterday.

President of Murray Barracks Bowling club Force Sergeant Major (FSM)

Bolws PNG should take the ownershipof the national tournament as it is a national sanctioned event

Not correct to let the club run the tournament

They must run the games provide umpires, prizes and so forth

We are sweating to host the tournament after been laid off for almost three years.

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