Gulf coffee hits stores


Picture: Aihi Oa

LOCALLY grown and processed coffee from Kerema, Gulf Province, is hitting the local supermarkets after its official launch last week.

Grown in Kaintiba and Kotidanga areas of the province, the product named Hamdei Coffee is set to give its perfect natural taste.

At the launch in Port Moresby on Tuesday, Kerema MP Richard Mendani spoke highly of this achievement.

“We are happy to produce our own coffee and it’s a success story for us with the official launch today,” he said.

“I initiated the coffee project back in 2013 when I entered parliament in 2012. And I am glad to say that Kerema after 40 years have come of age to produce such a magnificent processed product.

“This achievement is a success story that Kerema can offer in coffee production.”

He said under the management set by him, the Kotidanga Rural Farmer Association has set the pace with the outcome of the product.

“We are happy to announce that our product will now go out on the shelves in all shopping malls and centers throughout the country and we are looking forward to promoting our coffee,” he said.

Mr Mendani said they plan to export the coffee so in turn it adds value to the county’s economy.

He said the people’s lives in the village would be improved by this project.

He said he has other plans to go into prawn, fish farming and poultry farming for the coastal villages to create opportunities for them.

“As a leader I want to create opportunities and coffee is a fine example and I have proven it,” he said.

“I started the project and I plea to the people of Kerema to give me another more term in parliament to complete the project.”

The coffee is milled at Vitis Industries and packed at Superior Coffee Limited in Konedobu.

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