Clear guidelines for Gulf LNG

PNG’S second LNG project will deliver clear benefits for the people of Gulf Province, with many lessons learned from the first LNG project.
Speaking in Kerema on Tuesday, the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, said there is already obvious change taking place in Gulf and around the country, and this must continue into the next Parliament.
Mr O’Neill was joined by Gulf Governor, Havila Kavo, Kerema Open candidate, George Mero, and former Gulf Governor, Chris Haiveta, where he highlighted the importance of honesty in the election campaign, as well as the great opportunity ahead.
“The second LNG project will make a big difference in Gulf, and our government will negotiate a better deal for our people,” he said.
“As a government, we have learned a great deal from the time when the previous government negotiated the first LNG project.
“I promise you that when we negotiate the arrangements for the second LNG project, landowners will receive greater benefits than came from the first project.
“Together, landowners, companies and government will develop resources with the people and ensure there truly is a fair deal.
“We will get it right from the start so that landowners are not left waiting for bureaucracy to enable them to access what belongs to them.”
In the final days of the 2017 election campaign, Mr O’Neill said the choice before every Papua New Guinean is whether they continue to rebuild the nation and continue the positive change that has been delivered by a PNC-led government.
“We have delivered for five years, and we will deliver for another five years,” he said.
“We have been delivering funding from Waigani to the provinces and the districts and this is providing for real development. No one can deny us that fact, whether you like us or not, you have to admit that we have the track record for delivering and we will continue to deliver.
“How many years did you have bad roads in Kerema and provincial centres around the country?  Our Government has rebuilt roads and we have put in place long-term maintenance contracts so that these roads will last for many generations.
“We will continue to build and rehabilitate roads around the nation in the next Parliament.”

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