Govt to build Central City: PM

THE Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has confirmed that Central City will be built from the next term of government, and made a commitment that critical infrastructure will continue to be built across the country.

Mr O’Neill announced these plans when opening the Sir Ruben Taureka Highway in Port Moresby last Thursday, and question why previous governments lacked commitment to building infrastructure in the nation.

“Our people are proud of what is happening in the country, they are proud of the world- class infrastructure that we are building, they are proud of our new hospitals, and they are proud when they can send their children to school,” he said.

“I ask Papua New Guineans one simple question, were they proud of what happened in our country between 1999 and 2011, when nothing was built and billions of kina was stolen in Waigani?

“We want change in our country and we have positive change happening all around us from urban to remote and rural areas.

“We do not want change back to the bad old days of the past when Government did not pay school fees for our kids and did not pay for health services for our people.

“Don’t listen to all the lies and sweet-talk of the failed leaders who are desperate to get into power.

“We need Leadership that is going to continue to grow and benefit our country for all our people’s benefit. “The construction industry that is building infrastructure employs thousands and thousands of Papua New Guineans, and we will continue to build more infrastructure that our people need.”

Mr O’Neill promised the people of Central Province that the government will build Central City with the services and infrastructure that is needed.

“Our government will deliver Central City to you after the election,” he said. “We will build the infrastructure and we will help you to build Central City when we come back after the elections.

“I know that during the past Government many millions we given for this purpose and they were misused. “We will not allow this to happen and we will create new opportunities in building Central City.”

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