Naru kicks off campaign

Picture caption: NA strongman and Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour (left) cuts the ribbon to open the team Kasiga 2017 campaign House at Yalu as Mr Naru applauds.

INCUMBENT Morobe Governor and leader of Christian Democratic Party Kelly Naru launched his campaign to defend his seat at his Yalu village outside Lae City this week.

He did so by opening the Team Kasiga Campaign Haus 2017 watched by his clansmen, campaign coordinators, Wampar LLG members, supporters and family.
The honour of cutting the ribbon to open the campaign house fell on close ally, friend and NA strong man Ross Seymour, who will be defending his Huon Gulf seat.
Seymour said he had worked closely with Mr Naru in the past 5 years because he liked his style of Christian grounded beliefs and servant hood leaders.
“I am prepared to support a strong leader like Mr Naru to win back the governorship even though I am from another party,” Mr Seymour announced to roars of approval from his home crowd as Yalu is in Wampar LLG which falls under Huon Gulf district.
Earlier Wampar LLG Chivasing member Wayang declared that the 27 wards have endorsed their full support for Kasiga, which was reaffirmed by Seymour.
Mr Seymour said in the recent life of Parliament, Morobe’s 10 MPS were divided by politics and party policies.
“We are servants of the people and therefore we must not forget the people because they are the ones who mandate us at each election,” he said.
Mr Naru, in thanking his people for voting him into office in  2012, also remembered the important role of women in his life.
He paid tribute to his late wife Stella who campaigned tirelessly with him in 2012 to win the seat only to lose her life a few months later due to illness.
He also thanked his new wife Colleen for stepping up beside him 2017 to defend the seat.
Mr Naru also reminded his people of the CDP’s strong belief in ‘friends to all, enemies to none’.
He also reminded his people that he is confident of retaining his seat.
“Remember in 2012, I never voted for myself. I gave my first vote to Luther, second to Ginson and third to Yalambing,” he recalled with a smile.
“I voted for my three brothers and my campaign manager and family were really angry.
“Manager asked me what if you lose by 3 votes?
“I reassured him that I was planting 3 blessings in the three districts where they originate, Nawaeb, Kabwum and Bulolo.
“And sure enough when the elimination process began I was blessed by so many preferences from those districts.”

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