PM nominates for polls

THE Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has nominated as a candidate for Ialibu-Pangia in the upcoming election.

Speaking at the nomination last Friday, leaders from the Ialibu-Pangia constituency have confidently announced that they will support Mr O’Neill to return.

Before around 25,000 people, Mr O’Neill signed his nomination documents and promised that he would continue to deliver change for his electorate, and to lead the People’s National Congress party to form government again.

“We will talk with the people of our nation, in every province and in every district, and we will ask them to let us continue with the positive change we are delivering for Papua New Guinea.” Mr O’Neill said.

“Our policies are changing the nation for the better, and our Government has proven that we can deliver free education, universal healthcare, better law and order, and better infrastructure.

“Some other parties might be trying to copy our policies, and good on them, these are very good polices but only our Government has proven that we can deliver for our people.”

He said an important priority for the Government is to continue rebuilding rural infrastructure.

“In the next term of government, PNC is going rural in a big way and delivering infrastructure and services that have never been seen in our country.

“I promise you that in the next five years we will fix the Highlands Highway. We have had enough of roads that are not maintained for so many years.

“We will continue to rebuild the Highlands Highway so that our people can have access to better services and business.

“Our record of delivery is there for all to see.

“We promised free education for our children, and we delivered free education. In the next five years we will deliver more technical and university places and we will not ask students to pay upfront.

“We will continue to deliver and expand access to healthcare, we will train more police and appoint more judges. This is what a PNC-led Government will continue to deliver for Papua New Guinea.”

The president of East Pangia LLG, Danial Piapo, who was appointed by the people of both the Ialibu and Pangia districts to speak at the nomination, said the people of Ialibu-Pangia have great confidence in their Member.

“For many years, no elected members of Ialibu and Pangia, have delivered services in the way that Peter O’Neill has delivered in just 15 years as our Member of Parliament.”

His remarks were met applause by the thousands of people who had travelled from around the electorate and from neighboring provinces including the Hela and Western Highlands.

“We will bring you back as our MP for the fourth time!” Mr Piapo told PM O’Neill.

“The people of Ialibu-Pangia believe in you and have undying confidence in your Leadership.

“Go out there and campaign for your PNC Party candidates so they can bring you back as the Nation’s Prime Minister.

“Your true leadership, through your government’s firm working policies and political stability, has proven worthy enough for you to continue as our Prime Minister,” Mr Piapo said.

“I thank you for your strong leadership and ongoing delivery of services to the people of Ialibu-Pangia.

“I wish you well during your campaign for other PNC party candidates nationwide.”

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