Koiatuna nominates as pro-Mekere Morauta for ENB Provincial seat

IN East New Britain Province, a young man has nominated in Kokopo as pro-Mekere Morauta Independent candidate contesting the governor’s seat there with a bold message for electors to vote out corrupt politicians and those implicated of misconduct and breaking laws of the country.

Candidate William Koiatuna said urged other young and first-time candidates nationwide to disassociate themselves from politicians who have broken the laws, when they, as legislators should have led by example to uphold the rule of law – PNG Constitution being the supreme.

Mr Koiatuna said it was common knowledge and an accepted fact among the people that in the past 10 years, PNG’s affairs have not been managed well resulting in the current economic and financial problems crisis.

“PNG current crisis is a direct result of the O’Neill-Dion government’s total failure in managing well the nation’s affairs resulting in the open defiance of the rule of law, rampant and systematic corruption, lack of accountability and transparency in the whole government system, massive foreign debts as well as misuse and theft of the much-needed public taxpayer funds destined for essential health, education and other services,” He stressed.

Mr Koiatuna said all MPs who have supported the O’Neill-Dion government were guilty by association and cannot lie to the voters that they were not part of the outgoing regime’s complete mismanagement of the nation’s affairs.

“It is for this and all related reasons that I urge voters PNG-wide not to vote for members of the outgoing O’Neill-Dion Government,” he said.

Mr Koiatuna said he is running as a pro-Mekere Morata independent candidate and urged other like-minded candidates to join forces and ensure that there is new leadership, preferable under Sir Mekere to save PNG from total collapse of the economy and eventually bankcrupt.

“It is incumbent that all concerned citizens to vote responsibly and install a new government led by Sir Mekere to continue the reforms his government initiated during three short years in office from 1999-2002,” he said.

“PNG is serious financial crisis and the situation demands most immediate and urgent actions nationwide from voters to restore good governance for the good of this and future PNG generations.”


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William Koiatuna calling on PNG electors to vote out the current outgoing O’Neil-Dion government.

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