Pala urges people to keep PNC


ATTORNEY General and Justice Minister Ano Pala has urged people to retain PNC party to form the next government and continue on the good work it has done so far.

He revealed these sentiments in his nomination at the Kwikila district office on Wednesday. He said the current government under PNC party has delivered in a short space of five years and the achievements are rewarding.

He said monies were tied up into putting up massive infrastructures and free education and health services. “This government is not hiding any the money. It is implementing what needs to be done,” Mr Pala said.

“And as you can see service delivery has been implemented over the last five years.

“This government has set guidelines when delivering services. “We have set the fundamental for the country to move forward and we have to continue on this good job that we as the government have done for the last five years.

“The rule of law has to be protected and we have to defend the system when it goes on the wrong track. “So we will continue in the right direction to improve free education and health services and build infrastructures t improve livelihoods.

“We promote good governance and that is we promote things that goes right.”

Mr Pala will be defending his seat for the third time against 41 other candidates.

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