Govt makes great impact: MP


THE Minister for Sports, APEC and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, says many services and developments have reached all the electorates in the country during the term of this government where it had a great impact on the lives of the ordinary citizens.

Mr Tkatchenko, who will be contesting the Moresby South Open to defend his seat under the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s People’s National Congress (PNC) Party, said the services and developments delivered by the government in the last five years are unprecedented and it outweighs all the goods, services and developments delivered by previous governments in the last 40 years.

“The government funding of K10 million annual district services improvement (DSIP) and provincial services improvement (PSIP) programs over the last five years have impacted a lot in the developments in the electorates and provinces where we have seen an unprecedented level of developments and changes happening in our country.

“The government has put the money where the mouth is and therefore we have seen a lot of improvements, upgrading and construction that change the image of our country in our roads, airports, wharves, jetties, bridges, infrastructures, health and education and so forth.

“In the last five years I have achieved a lot for the Moresby South electorate than it was 40 years ago. I have delivered more than 20 water projects, upgrade and construct new classrooms, health facilities and markets in the Moresby South electorate.

“We, and all the electorates as well, have achieved a lot in all the basic government priority areas in health, education and infrastructure developments. If any of the current Member of Parliament is not performing well in delivering services in the areas of health, education and infrastructure development, then he is not fit to be an MP and people must not vote him.”

He said his performance in delivering services in Moresby South in the last five years speak volume for itself and said he don’t have to campaign about making new promises about bringing services but said he is very confident the people of his electorate will elect him a second time into the Tenth Parliament.

“I have many plans and ambitions to develop my electorate but the only problem I face at the moment are land security and water. We must give our people proper land and housing with land titles and provide water, electricity and other amenities into the settlements and upgrade them into suburbs.

“We cannot push our people around in the name of developments as they are citizens of this country and they are here to stay. When I get elected after this election I will ensure my people of Moresby South get proper land title provide with all the modern and quality urban facilities so that they all can benefit from the economic growth and boom our country is experiencing,” Tkatchenko.

Meantime, the minister has walked with his supporters from Moresby South from Kaugere to Hubert Murray Stadium at Konedobu to pay his K1000 nomination fee at the electoral office.

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