Heads of depts prepare for elections

Chief Secretary to Government, Ambassador Isaac Lupari, on Wednesday announced that the Department Heads meeting is to prepare and brief all levels of government on the upcoming 2017 national elections.

He made these remarks whilst introducing the first Heads of Department and State Agencies meeting in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province.

“It is only fitting to hold our first Departmental Heads meeting in the capital of Southern Highlands, given its outstanding record of good governance stability throughout this term of government,” Mr Lupari said.

“It is also very timely to hold this meeting on the eve of our national elections, to outline where we (public servants) currently are and what is expected of us to ensure this elections will be held successfully.”

He said as you have noticed the national elections preparations are better coordinated now than that of previous elections.

“All three of our national security forces – the Royal PNG Constabulary, the PNG Defence Force and the Correctional Services – have briefed us on their security progress to ensure free, fair and safe elections, throughout the country,” he said.

He encouraged each secretary, chief executive officer and managing director to freely engage in discussions, and enable open dialogue in order to share how best to make the elections a success.

“It is very important to ask questions during this meeting to ensure we encourage a free and open dialogue,” he said.

He said during the election period, public servants are only allowed to help and support election managers in order to uphold a free, fair and safe election and urged them not to misuse this opportunity by campaigning for individual candidates.

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