PM thanks churches

THE Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has applauded the nation’s churches for their close partnership with the government in ensuring the delivery of basic services in education and health.
He made the remarks on Sunday during the opening of the National United Foursquare Women’s Convention 2017 in Port Moresby.
Mr O’Neill told the full house at the Sir John Guise Indoor Stadium that it is evident that “our mothers’ undying efforts to enable a strong family can be seen in every community throughout Papua New Guinea.”
“Our women, especially our mothers, are largely responsible for taking care of our finances wisely, they take care of our kids with love and care,” he said.
“They take care of our household with effectiveness, and they deserve to be held in the highest regard and respect.”
He praised the government’s partnership with churches that, he said, overcomes challenges in the delivery of services to the rural and remote communities of PNG.
“We work together in meaningful partnerships with churches around the country to help children, women and men to receive better healthcare,” he said.
“Our churches are there with us to help educate our students so that we can all deliver better futures as they grow.
“I would like to thank Foursquare Church for its continued partnership with the government in delivering services to our people of Papua New Guinea.
“Today marks an important day as we gather here to officially open this four-day National UFW convention, where our women members of this denomination have travelled from around the country to the nation’s capital to participate.”
“Our government looks forward to further promoting Public-Church Partnership programs, after the upcoming national elections.”

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