PM highlights food security

PRIME Minister, Peter O’Neill, has highlighted the need to increase agriculture production so that Papua New Guineans can have better quality food at lower prices. He made the comments while visiting Lagaip-Porgera District, in Enga Province, on Good Friday and dedicating the launch of Enga Agriculture Industrial Complex. Speaking to thousands of people who came to the district, Mr O’Neill said the government will also continue to work with provinces and districts to improve education. “The goal of our government is to keep promoting agriculture in our country, so that we can grow our own produce and feed more of our people with home-grown food,” he said. “We will keep training our farmers, we will keep bringing investors with better food technology and we will grow more food. “Improving agriculture in our country is not about one tribe, or one province, it is about growing more food for all. “We must grow food so our people can be strong.”
Mr O’Neill said beside expanding agriculture, improving access to education will deliver better futures for the nation’s children. “For the past five years, our government, with the provinces and districts, has been placing more than an additional million children in our schools. “We must never underestimate the power of education and what this means for our children.  We are giving the opportunity to our children that they never had before. “Over the next five years we will not only continue with free education, but we will build more schonols and teachers colleges than at any time in the history of our nation. “We have been doing this for the past five years, and we will continue to do more.”
He made tribute to the commitment of Sir Peter, for delivering for his province over the past two decades. “Governor Peter Ipatas has been changing Enga Province for the past 20 years. “For the first 15 years he did this without support, but for the past five years he has been delivering services in partnership with the National Government. “He has been providing education, and fixing classrooms and building new classrooms, he has been improving healthcare and delivering more electricity to Enga Province. “We now have real stability in politics in Papua New Guinea, and we are delivering funding and resources direct to the Provinces and Districts of the Nation. “You have my commitment that we will keep delivering these services together for the next term of Parliament.”

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