Let’s work together: Miner

Caption: Community Development senior adviser Regina Toropo and colleague Max Piawen (white hard hat) meet with Alipis community.

THE developer of the Porgera mine in Enga Province, Porgera Joint Venture (PJV), has thanked local leaders and stakehold­ers in Porgera District for their support in 2016.

And on the same occasion, the com­pany called for support, stronger relationship and co-operation for a successful new year for all.

Lagaip-Porgera MP Nixon Mangape, who led local leaders for a brief audience with PJV staff, was grateful for the company’s support over the years.

He made particular mention of PJV support for the operation of the Porgera Develop­ment Authority (PDA), Porgera local level government (LLG) and the establishment of the Job Ready Pro­gram (JRP).

PJV Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager Timothy Andambo said the brief gathering on 5 January this year was to acknowl­edge community leaders and stakeholders that stood out for their communities and also sup­ported PJV in 2016.

“The theme for this gather­ing is let’s work together in 2017. At the end of the day, PJV, PDA, national government, provincial government, disability group, se­curity operations, youth…we are all serving the same community,” Mr Andambo said.

He also highlighted some challenges in 2016 such as the Lukulama landslip, closure of the Paiam (town) Management Company (PMC), and issues affecting PDA, and the Highlands Highway among others.

He also told of new projects such as the upgrade of Paiam High School as well the transition of the Paiam hospi­tal, among others.

A very appreciative LLG president Leo Kuala also supported PJV’s presence in the valley and the birth of the JRP as he gave his full backing to all PJV initia­tives.

PJV Human Resource and Employee Development Manager, David Lilley, thanked the Porgera community for making the program a success.

“It’s your focus on getting your children educated that has allowed us to put together the JRP and the first 100 for 2016 are changing perception of locals at the workplace. We are optimistic to put through another 100 for 2017,” he said.

Manager Environment Charlie Ross spoke of the work at Mt Kaijende and the Forest Stewards project em­phasising the need for commu­nity support for these programs.

Porgera branch of Women in Business (WiB) President, Eliza­beth Iarume said Porgera will not progress unless people changed their attitudes.

“A lot of infrastructure within Porgera is continuously being de­stroyed and vandalised because of attitude problems and this is not a sign of existing leader­ship.

“PJV is here to do business but is also being a service provid­er…we have to fix ourselves first and then PJV will assist us”, Mrs Iarume said.

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