Be aware of spiritual needs: G-G

Caption: Governor General Bob Dadae greeting staff of Government House.

A CHRISTIAN Fellowship program for staff of Office of the Governor General for the year 2017 was launched by the Governor General Bob Dadae on Monday.

The Government House Christian Fellowship program was initiated by former Governor General Sir Paulias Matane in 2004.

At the launch, Mr Dadae said it is vital to pay attention to one’s spiritual needs as is done for the physical needs.

“We all need three basic necessities to stay alive – food, water, and air. We must add also our spiritual sustenance,” he said.

“Just like the three necessities of life, without spiritual sustenance we will not be able to perform well and give our best service to others and God.”

He said, through Christian fellowship, staff are encouraged to be mindful of their spiritual needs and to be a source of encouragement to others in whatever capacities they serve.

Mr Dadae said he would like to see similar fellowship program introduced for staff and their families as a means of uniting families and to promote harmonious relationships among each other.

In similar sentiments, wife of Governor General Hannah Dadae said by meeting together regularly in Christian fellowship, staff will appreciate the important role they each have to contribute to the success of the office they serve.

“Every one of you is important to this Office from the gardener right up to the Governor General,” Mrs Dadae said.

“Without a cleaner or gardener gardens will not be tended to and the environment presentable for our guests and visitors.

“If all our chefs fall ill, we will have a hard time running around looking for the right kind of food for our guests.

“Do not underestimate yourselves. You are all important. Without your support we won’t be able to perform our duties as required of us.”

The weekly Christian Fellowship is held every Monday at noon at Government House.

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