Miner delivers assistive devices for PDPA

THE Porgera Joint Venture (PJV) will support persons living with disability in Porgera who are now in school or who would like to pursue further education.

PJV Corporate Social Responsibil­ity (CSR) Manager Timothy An­dambo revealed this to members of the Porgera Disabled Persons Association (PDPA), when the gold miner delivered as­sistive devices as walking aids to some members of the group.

The walking aids consisted of auxiliary crutches, elbow crutches and walking sticks.

The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) had donated the walking aids to the PNG Na­tional Board for Disabled Per­sons through the Strongim Pipol, Strongim Nesen Program.

The Board then through its networks with non-government organisations (NGOs) needed to distribute the aids across the country.

The National Orthotic and Prosthetic Services (NOPS) is such an organisation and through its working relationship with PJV, at least 18 of the total 27 recom­mended PDPA members received the aids. The other nine members received theirs from PJV shortly after the presentation.

PJV made the delivery on Dec 28, 2016, after it received 12 boxes from NOPS. These were six boxes of 18 auxiliary crutches, four with 18 elbow crutches, one box with 18 walking sticks and the last box contained over 100 pieces of rubber tips. The 18 items distributed were according to the individual need following NOPS’ assessment on PDPA members last year.

PJV Senior Manager for CSR and Asset Protection Department (APD) Bruce Morton said the company was only happy to assist where it can, the communities in which it operates.

“In community development we can have a lot of plans or pro­grams but what we really want is to find out who in the community we should really help,” he said.

PDPA President and PJV em­ployee Thomas Petale thanked AusAID for the devices and also PJV for recognising and support­ing the population with disability in the district.

PDPA member Injipen Yambu from Panadaka thanked the PJV team for considering the needs of peo­ple living with disability.

“We were not like this before. Now we have a good group of people and we are seeing assis­tance for our people. Thank you PJV for taking care of us and may God bless you”.

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