Tugyak people get free medical checks, nets

Caption: Ramu NiCo Community Affairs supervisor, Nicholas Genaia (left) and ERT Superintendent, Venancius Sapak share gifts with children at Tugyak. Pictures by JAMES G. KILA

VILLAGERS from Tugyak near Basamuk in Rai Coast district, Madang Province, were fortunate to receive free medical checks and also being recipients of treated mosquito nets, courtesy of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) on Tuesday this week.

A team from Ramu NiCo (MCC) Basamuk Refinery comprising Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Community Affairs Department officers travelled to Tugyak where they met more than 400 villagers to conduct health and safety awareness.

That was followed by free malaria rapid testing on a number of people and donation of two bales of treated mosquito nets to the community.

A government officer, nursing officer in charge of Ganglau health post, Martin Uma also travelled with the team to Tugyak to help in the awareness.

Local villagers who gathered listened attentively to the important messages on safety, health and hygiene, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and family planning imparted by the experts in the team.

Team leader of the delegation and BSK CA supervisor, Nicholas Genaia, explained to the community the purpose of the visit as relating to the observance of the National Mining Safety Week at the refinery and how the company saw it as fitting to involve the impacted community near the process plant.

BSK ERT Superintendent, Venancius Sapak also took time to explain to the people on how to avoid dangers such when making fire which could lead to bush fires and destruction to plants and vegetation.

Several community leaders asked questions on health and environmental issues, which the Ramu NiCo officers responded to favourably.

BSK Medical Superintendent, Dr Meng Ming and nursing officer Shem Silas later conducted a rapid malaria testing on a good number of the villagers then proceeded to giving medication.

The community leaders at Tugyak thanked the Ramu NiCo team for the visit, stating that many of the disadvantaged villages could not travel all the way to Madang to afford a treated mosquito net, and for the Company to provide the item free to them is definitely a kind and heartily donation.

The villagers as a gesture of appreciation to the Ramu NiCo team presented gifts in the form of fruits and vegetables and bunches of betel nuts to the Ramu NiCo team to take home.

“We are presenting you bunches of betel nut and kulau (coconut juice) as a tradition to show that we greatly appreciate your visit and look forward to more cordial relationship in the future,” a local leader Leffy Ovosa said.

The Ramu NiCo team in return distributed sweets and other items to children who excited surrounded the officers to get hold of items to take home.

Mr Genaia was very happy that the awareness was a success, and thanked the Tugyak villagers for their cordial reception and hospitality.

He said the company slogan “One Ramu NiCo, One Community” was displayed on that day.

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