Conventions a vital part of party existence


REGISTRAR of Political Parties and Candidates, Dr Alphonse Gelu has reiterated to political parties that holding party conventions remain a fundamental characteristic of forming such organisations.

He said a good number of parties had still not held conventions and will still endorse candidates- however, emphasized how those candidates will be perceived to be from a collective if that collective has not endorsed them.

“I know that some political parties will not hold conventions, but yet they will endorse candidates in the elections.”

“How do they do that? One of the important feature and characteristic of a political party is that a political party must always hold its convention, because it is in a convention that you can do many things.”

“Such as the changes of executives, selections and endorsement of candidates, revising of your party policies, revising your party constitutions, and endorsing your campaign plans. Those are very important plans and they are done in your party conventions.”

“They are not only done in one room where only a few people sit in a room and start deciding on who should be this.”

He said those decisions made by a few did not fall into what is defined of a political party.

Gelu added that with time quickly running out before the issue of writs set for April 20, conventions should be a priority, also assuring parties of the Registry’s willingness to participate if invited to attend any.

“I am urging the newly registered political parties as well as the established political parties.”

“Time is not on our side we have only a few weeks before we go into the issue of writs. That it is now time that you must start holding your party conventions to decide on these many many issues.”

“This morning a political party came to see me and asked me if I would ber interested to join them in their party convention which they will be holding at the end of this month and I told them we would be interested as it is part of the job that we will do,” he said.

Gelu said that the registry uses opportunities to attend conventions to give awareness on the roles and responsibilities of political parties, and to explain the various issues of compliance in the organic law.

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