Coffee cupping to help farmers get better prices

THE Coffee Industry Corporation’s Productive Partnerships in Agriculture Project (CIC-PPAP) is setting up cupping facilities for growers.

The move will help growers get a fair price for their coffee based on cup quality.

“At present processors and exporters buy parchment mainly at Y grade price.

“Growers do not know the quality of their coffee as there is lack of cupping facility to access before they visit the buyers,” says CIC-PPAP project manager Potaisa Hombunaka.

The PPAP project office is arranging with the Industry Regulations & Compliance Division of CIC to beef up cupping services for growers in coffee growing areas or provinces. The new one will be established at the CIC substation at Panga, and beefing up of infrastructure and equipment at Goroka, Aiyura and Lae.

The availability of cupping facilities will give effect to the proposed grading system for green bean coffee which is based on cupping quality.

Mr Hombunaka said coffee coming from smallholder sector has the potential to rank in the upper grades in terms of quality.

This intervention will remove discrimination for coffee growers who accounts for 85 percent of yearly production in the country.

“Growers who produces good quality coffee will reap the benefit through higher prices. It is our responsibility to help them get a fair price and little bit more money into their pockets,” he said.

Mr Hombunaka said paying farmers well as per cupping quality will motivate them to continue apply best management practices at the growers’ level.

The proposed green bean grading standard has been awaiting gazettal to be facilitated by the National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT) since 2016.

PPAP will also support funding towards training of Q-graders and barristers. The later will ensure that those working in hospitality industry are trained to make a good cup of coffee for customers to enjoy, hence contribute towards promotion of drinking more PNG coffee.

The PPAP-Coffee Component is a CIC project under the auspices of Department of Agriculture & Livestock. It is financed by a loan facility from World Bank (IDA) and IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) with counter-funding from government.

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