Brewery staff donate blood

SP Brewery is always socially conscious and generously supportive and it’s continued this week some of its Port Moresby staff took time out to take part in the annual campaign to donate more than 30 bags of blood to the Port Moresby Blood Bank.

 Sr Evelyn Arua who is the clinic nurse on site at the Port Moresby blood bank organized the important blood drive.

“We had an overwhelming response compared to previous years and we will be sure to volunteer again after 6 months,” said Sr Arua.

SP Brewery ICT Manager Leonard Stein said he started donating blood many years ago as he witnessed the need and realized that he could really save lives.

“The donation is safe and the people who take the blood are professionals. For those that are scared to donate, your fear is only a fraction of what people are going through and are in need of help,” he said.

Those sentiments were echoed by Sponsorships & Event Manager Yvonne Igo who also shared that she started donating 17 years ago and has never stopped.

“A class mate of mine who was a close friend back in 2000 was diagnosed with leukemia and that inspired me to donate.” Ms Igo encouraged people to help those in need.

“The tables might turn and you’ll end up being the person needing a blood transfusion, so donate and you’ll probably end up saving your own life if it’s not someone else,” said packaging supervisor Koko Wasina said it’s simply a win-win situation for both the blood bank and yourself.

“Aside from saving a life, you also get rid excess blood to keep my body health that’s why I have been donating since 2005,” said Wasina.

SP Brewery has always supported the blood drive over the years which is arranged through its HR Department and they hope that by the example of their staff you may decide to also assist in donating to the Port Moresby Blood Bank.

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