Students visit G-G

Caption: A school student from Kiriwina Goodenough presenting to the G-G a carved bowl

ON his first day in office, Governor General Bob Dadae received an unexpected visit from a group of students.

The students had traveled all the way from the far flung islands of Kiriwina Goodenough in Milne Bay Province to Port Moresby to witness the swearing in ceremony of PNG’s 10th Governor General and to personally offer their congratulations.

The students accompanied by their teachers, LLG president and Member for Kiriwina Goodenough and Minister for Forest, Douglas Tomuriesa, called on the Governor General at Government House on Wednesday.

The students presented with gifts of handmade baskets, carvings, and bowls expressed congratulatory messages to the Governor General on behalf of their people.

Governor General Dadae said, although he was surprised by the visit he was equally touched by the students’ kind and thoughtful gesture.

“Yesterday was my first day in office, and they were my first guests. I will not forget this moment. My memory of this occasion will linger on,” Mr Dadae said.

“It’s a rare occasion to be in a new office and to have children from a rural community visit and congratulate you on your new appointment.”

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