Eda Ranu calls for caution

Caption: Eda Ranu CEO Henry Mokono.


EDA Ranu CEO Henry Mokono has made a call to its customers in Port Moresby to take precautionary measures and always demand identification when dealing with individuals visiting premises for meter readings.

He made the comments when responding to a reports being widely circulated via social media and security firms of individuals posing as workers from the city water supplier gaining access to properties with the intention to hold up household.

“It’s not our staff, we had similar incident two years ago where people impersonate Eda Ranu workers using our uniforms to enter gated houses claiming to check meters,” Mr Mokono said.

“So we actually addressed this when it previously came up two years ago, but now we have seen that people are doing it again.

“So we have addressed that issue with our entire operational staff this morning (Wednesday Feb 1) before these things came up so what we have done to instruct our people is to hold their badges and identification cards allow our uniforms to be strictly monitored and we have taken that on-board with our staff.”

He also said that public advertisements will be put out in the media to advise the public to be careful.

“The city is getting to a stage where desperate people are doing that and Eda Ranu we are doing that as well among our own staff,” he said.

“We don’t have many staff in this city we only have 300 and it is easy to manage them, but how these uniforms are going out that is something that we are trying to monitor and control. We are doing our best to address this issue.”

In addition, when referring any claim by anyone to have mains cut on behalf of the company, Mr Mokono said procedure dictates advance notice given by Eda Ranu and 7 to 14 days period.

“The normal procedure is that there is a notice given by EdaRanu through their regular statements issued to customers and after that we send our people to go out and disconnect, it gives 7 to 14 days before this happens,” he said.

“You must insist for the notices- they need to give you a copy of the notice issued to you.”

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