We’ll not pay your bills: MPs


NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, and Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, have clarified to settlements and villages in the city and district that they will not entertain requests to settle water bills.

Both MPs maintained the responsibility, once water projects are deliver, falls on the communities through their respective water committees.

Mr Tkatchenko pointed out the rates such communities were paying for their water compared to residential properties in city.

“It averages roughly K10 or K20 a month for a household which at the end of the month is not much at all. And they are on a completely different scale of pricing as well to the normal residential rate,” he said.

“Settlements and villages pay a tenth of the cost of the water rate then say residential or other areas.

“Yes we do get issues that there are corrupt individuals on the water committees and misuse the money that people have entrusted them to collect andthis is where we have issues where they come back to me saying that Eda Ranu has cut their water due to their outstanding bills.

“We can’t be complacent and keep on bailing out people because they think the member or the governor is going to pay for their water bill.”

Governor Parkop called on the respective community recipients to be mindful of the cost involved in bringing such vital services and the costs not incurred to them that other city residents put up with.

“On my part, I am not going to pay for the water or monthly bills, it is up to the recipient community,” Mr Parkop said.

“The cost is expensive to develop, and secondly we do not charge them land rates and we collect their waste to in the settlement without charging them so they should organise themselves better when it comes to basic necessities like water they must view it as priority.

“Unfortunately some committees have not functioned well, but they should not run to the minister or they should not run to me or our two other MPs because we have done our part.”

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