Tkatchenko keeps water running

Captino: (L) EdaRanu CEO Mokono receives dummy cheque from Tkatchenko.


CLOSE to K10 million spent since 2012, and Member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, has maintained more water project will be rolled out untill his first term expires.

He reiterated the commitment when presenting a cheque to Port Moresby city water supplier Eda Ranu for the completion and establishment of water projects in settlements and villages in his electorate.

In partnership with the Governor for NCD Powes Parkop, Mr Tkatchenko presented joint funding of K549,000 to Eda Ranu CEO Henry Mokono.

“This payment is for water projects in our communities of Moresby South that haven’t had water from day one or in their history of existence in the settlements and villages that we are putting water in,” he said.

“This payment is going to pay for the finishing water projects of Ranuguri Settlement, pay for the commissioning of Vanama Settlement, new project in Newtown which is a settlement in Konedobu that haven’t had water up to a year now.

“Covers Kirakira village stage two. Kirakira at the moment now is experiencing water for the first time. Our Motu-Koita people finally getting services that they rightfully deserve as our traditional landowners.”

He thanked Eda Ranu for its support in rolling out the district’s projects- saying that funds to roll out the project come from NCDC with K1 million and his district DSIP of K1 also for K2 million yearly and announced new project sites for his water program.

“With that we haven’t been just doing this because it’s leading up to elections. I have been doing this since day one since 2012, 13, 14, 15 and now 16 and 17.”

“This year as well we have another lot of projects we will be rolling out as well.We have identified key areas that have already being costed are Dodo Heights, and Sabama, and looking at many other areas.”

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