Oro province backs medical ship

Caption: Oro Province Deputy Governor, LLG Presidents and YWAM Medical Ship Representatives.
Oro Province Deputy Governor, Evartius Bori, presented a cheque for K130,000 to YWAM Medical Ships last week on behalf of the Oro Provincial Government, fulfilling the second part of a pledge toward annual operational expenses for YWAM’s Training and Medical Ship, the MV YWAM PNG.
During the cheque presentation visit, Mr Bori and a number local level government (LLG) presidents had the opportunity to see YWAM Medical Ships work first-hand while the MV YWAM PNG was docked in Oro Bay.
Field activities in action included mother and child health, dentistry, eye care, health promotion and sight-restoring eye surgeries.
Deputy Governor Bori said that the provincial administration is a proud supporter of YWAM’s work in Oro Province.
“We’ve established a wonderful relationship with YWAM Medical Ships over the last four years, first with their land-based teams and now with the medical ship.
“It was very special for our team to see the MV YWAM PNG and the team of volunteers in action last week. Among the volunteers include a number of our local health workers, it is great to see such collaboration around a shared vision – excellent rural service delivery,” said Bori.
YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Mr Ken Mulligan, said he was grateful for the Oro Provincial Administration’s support.
“We greatly value our relationships in Oro Province, and appreciate Governor Juffa’s leadership in establishing this important partnership.”
“Together we are achieving great things in Oro – it is wonderful to be going from strength to strength each time we visit,” said Mr Mulligan.
The YWAM Medical Ships team has seen 1,168 patients in 11 villages in just one week, including a patient from 2016, a 17 year-old boy named Bray who was blind from cataracts. After a successful surgery aboard the MV YWAM PNG last May, Bray’s sight returned. The YWAM Medical Ships team are pleased to report that Bray is now living a normal life and has returned to school.
The MV YWAM PNG will be travelling the coast of Oro Province, serving both coastal and inland patients in remote parts of Ijivitari and Sohe Districts until the end of this week.

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